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7/ V. N. VLASENKO, N. A. MOROZOVA «Black sky» – a special legal regime of adverse weather conditions in the legislation of the Russian Federation

24/ A. E. MIKHALEVA Legal Aid Insurance

33/ V. YU. PANCHENKO, K. S. SHUSHPANOV Immanent limits of human rights: relevance of the concept in various types of legal thinking


40/ E. V. PASHOVA Methodology of studying comics in modern scientific realities

59/ K. I. PETROVA Review of literature on the topic «Decorative and applied art of the indigenous peoples of the North as a mechanism for constructing ethnocultural identity»

68/ Y. V. RYABOV, A. V. KISTOVA Archive of Krasnoyarsk Art Museum named after V. I. Surikov: current state and problems of development

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