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Publication ethics

General provisions:

The ethical principles of “Siberian Journal of Anthropology” take into the consideration

the recommendations of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

The Editorial Board has the right to deny the publication in case the article contains

plagiarism (borrowings from various sources without properly designed references, quoting that

fail to comply with the established rules, etc.) and when articles have been published before.

The Editorial Board takes responsibility to reveal articles that have violations in the

course of research (applied methods, incorrect interpretation of theoretical sources, potential

fabrications and falsifications, etc.), in order to prevent such publications on time.

If you become aware of allegations of article authors’ misconduct actions or their

incorrect ethical behavior during the research, the Editorial Board wills to consider such

allegations objectively and comprehensively to withdraw them completely and publish the article

by an acquitted author or to prevent the publication of this article if case the allegations are


The rules for withdrawal and correction of articles:

The publisher withdraws or sends articles to authors for correction in accordance with the

guidelines of the Committee on publication ethics in the following cases:

plagiarism is found in the publication;

the article is based on studies conducted in violation of ethical standards, or contains a

description of these studies;

the editors have established that the conclusions of the article are unreliable or contain

significant errors, for example, the data presented in the article are fabricated or mistakes

are made in calculations/experiments, etc.

the article presents the results published previously in another publication without an

appropriate reference to this publication, without a scientifically justified reason for

duplication of previously published data.

In case an article is withdrawn, it is not removed from the journal, from the publisher's

website or from bibliographic databases for other researchers who have cited the publication to

be notified of its withdrawal and the reasons for the publication withdrawal. The journal provides

information about either the withdrawal of the article, or the corrections made in it.

The purpose of the article withdrawal is the compliance of publications with the principles

of scientific reliability, as well as the possibility to correct error scientific data, rather than to

punish the authors of the publication.

The article can be withdrawn by the publisher, the editor, as well as by the authors

themselves. If the author(s) refuse to withdraw or correct the publication at the publisher’s

request, the publisher reserves the right to withdraw the publication as the publisher is solely

responsible for the data published in the journal.

Responsibilities of the parties to the publication process:

The authors undertake:

to provide original works not published before;

to comply with research ethics;

to be responsible for the research quality and reliability of the results;

to be responsible for the absence of plagiarism in the submitted works;

to be responsible for the coincidence of the actual and nominal authorship (that is, these

authors should really be the authors of the work from the list of authors for publication, in

the author's team persons not related to the study should not be entered for any reason, as

well as no researchers who participated in the work should not be omitted in the list of


to be ready to make corrections to their work after a detailed discussion with the Editorial


The Editorial board undertakes:

to bear full responsibility for all materials published in the journal;

to deal with complaints and accusations against the authors objectively and


to resolve conflicts of interest if necessary;

to be ready to cooperate with authors in case of corrections are needed in their works

before the publication;

to provide the authors with all necessary information about the stages of the

publication process, about acceptance for publication or denial to publish the article


The Publisher:

seeks to ensure that there is no conflict of interests between the parties of the publication


undertakes to cooperate with other publishers and editorial boards to ensure timely

detection of publication ethics violations.

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